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What is Social Media Analytics

Social media has become an indelible part of many people’s lives. These channels are used by millions of people daily. As such, modern marketers must constantly be aware of the changing trends of their audience and know how to interact with them effectively. 

Each major network has its internal analytics reporting and metrics already built in. These metrics can be precious and give you specific information about the network. When you have the data, analytics can provide you with the information you need to compete strategically in social media correctly. Here we will discuss the importance of social media analytics and how Netbase Quid can help you.

What is Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is the process of gathering, processing, and analyzing data generated from various social media channels to extract meaningful information regarding your social media campaigns. While the results may lack scientific accuracy, analyzing data from major social media networks can provide surprising insight into how people engage with you.

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As a business owner or marketer, you need to understand what kinds of interactions your followers have with you and how they feel by reading their posts and comments. Metrics can be compared to the overall performance of your company at any given time and give an obvious indication of how your company is performing. The data you gather allows you to see your posts’ reach, your campaigns’ effectiveness, and how people feel about you and your company.

How does Social Media Analytics Work

Before a company can perform social media analytics, it must first understand how to use the analytics provided by each network. Each channel has different tools and metrics. Start by looking at the tools that are the most commonly used. Facebook and Twitter offer a variety of detailed analytics through their respective analytics panels. There are also differences in how each network presents its data. It’s important to know what each network provides so that you can choose which platform is best for your data set.  Visit here for information about Dwayne Johnson

Analytics on Google+ and LinkedIn are generally less detailed than on Facebook or Twitter. Google+ and LinkedIn also require more manual input from the user to tap into deeper-level analytics. You will want to tailor your analysis accordingly. There are other tools that can also help gather data about your feeds, images, and people on the network. These tools can help monitor social media conversations in a way that’s impossible by just reading posts or looking at the statistics. 

How Netbase Quid can Help You

Netbase Quid is a complete social media analytic solution. It can gather, store, and analyze data from major social networks. The data collected can be uploaded in a CSV file to Netbase Quid and immediately analyzed with sophisticated dashboards and reports. The results are visually clear and easy to interpret. Netbase Quid can then be used to configure and track goals. Goals are different metrics that you can measure to determine their success. If you have a new product you want to promote, a goal might be the number of people who use the hashtag associated with that product on Twitter.

You can easily measure your success by tracking the number of people who use the hashtag and comparing that against your initial goals. Quid can be used in various ways based on your needs, all within one platform. Data from all social media networks, traditional marketing tools, and website performance is gathered to give users a complete overview of their business.

Social Media analytics have become more critical due to the increase in digital marketing initiatives. It not only measures trends and provides valuable data. It is a great way to identify the key messages that your audience wants to see you promoting. Netbase Quid offers a complete analytics solution that allows for easy tracking of all key metrics and allows for getting data from all of the major social networks.

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