The Devin Booker House is a Modern Oasis

Devin Booker’s house is a modern oasis. The home has a game room, a pool, and a guest house. Taking a look inside the home is truly inspiring. Especially, when you realize that he has five classic cars in his garage, including a GNX edition of a Buick Grand National. There are approximately 600 different models of the Buick Grand National. Booker’s mom can’t understand why he doesn’t have a non-GNX model.
Devin Booker’s home is a modern oasis

Basketball star Devin Booker recently debuted a modern Arizona estate. The stunning home was featured in the March issue of Architectural Digest. It features retractable glass walls, a Bali-inspired swimming pool, a firepit, a guesthouse, and ACH Collection homepage. Booker also got recommendations for interior designers from Kendall Jenner. In fact, Booker has hired the same interior designer who designed Jenner’s house!
It has a pool

NBA star Devin Booker recently posted a series of photos of his house on Instagram. It appears that he had a recent visit to his property from Architectural Digest. In the photos, Booker gives his viewers a tour of his home. He is also seen driving his classic cars, including several Impalas and a GNX edition of the Buick Grand National, one of only 600 models in existence. It’s not clear why his mother would be so confused by his choice.
It has a game room

Basketball star Devin Booker recently shared several photos of his home on Instagram. Some of the photos show his game room, which was converted from a guest house. There’s also a home theater, wine cellar, and a huge custom closet. The home’s interior exudes comfort and luxury. Other features include a 12-foot sofa in the game room, a custom-built poker table, and a fireplace and projector system.
It has a guest house

NBA player Devin Booker has converted his guest house into a game room. The house boasts an open floor plan, 12-foot-long couches, a bespoke poker table, and a swimming pool. Guests can also hang out in the guest house’s game room, which includes a pool table and music studio setup. Booker also has a music studio in the backyard, and a retractable glass wall.It has a fireplace.

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If you’re wondering if Devin Booker’s house has a fireplace, you are not alone. NBA star Antonio Brown posted several photos of the interior of his new home on Instagram, and NFL great Tom Brady chimed in with his own comments. Architectural Digest even took a tour of the home and posted videos of Booker giving visitors a tour. While you can’t have everything, the fireplace in the living room does add to the homey atmosphere.

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