Clash Royale Season 55: ‘Valhalla’ January 2024 Update

When it comes to Clash Royale top up services, your best choice is U7BUY. Clash Royale fans can once again rejoice as Season 55, ‘Valhalla,’ arrives, bringing along its traditional monthly update filled with exciting rewards, fresh content, and game-altering balance changes.

New Tower Troop

In Season 55, Clash Royale introduces the Cannoneer, an Epic rarity Tower Troop. Replacing the Tower Princess, the Cannoneer wields a massive metal cannon capable of targeting both air and ground troops. While it boasts slower hit speed, its damage output is substantial, nearly quadrupling that of the Tower Princess’s arrow, making it a formidable defender. However, it’s worth noting that it might struggle against swarmy troops like Bats and Skeleton Army.

New Card Evolution

Season 55 debuts the Valkyrie as the 11th evolution card. To activate the evolution, players need to deploy Valkyrie twice, resulting in an evolved Valkyrie every third deployment. Valkyrie introduces rare evolution shards, slightly more valuable than their common counterparts but not significantly different. The evolved Valkyrie gains the ability called “Spin Wind,” creating a small tornado that draws opponent troops towards her while dealing additional damage to both ground and air units.As the Arena evolves, adapt your strategies and aim for the top of the Clash Royale ranks in this thrilling season. click here to top up your Clash Royale account safe and fast!

New Tower Skins

The Longboat tower skin is the highlight of this update, available at Tier 48 of the Gold Tier in Pass Royale, adding a Norse touch to your towers.

Emotes and Banners

Six new emotes inspired by the Cannoneer theme and the new Evolution Card are introduced. Diamond Pass Royale owners gain access to two exclusive Banners, while eight more banners can be found in the Banner Box. Unfortunately, there are no banners available in the Season Shop this time.

Balance Changes

Clash Royale’s balance changes aim to enhance gameplay:


– Giant Skeleton: Hitpoints increased by 6%, making it more resilient and effective against enemy towers.

– Guards: Shield Hitpoints increased by 7%, improving their durability.

– Bomber: Damage increased by 3%, allowing it to defeat Barbarians in three hits.

– Golden Knight: Dashing Dash Damage increased by 8%, making him a more formidable Champion.

– The Cannoneer: Range increased, aligning it with the Tower Princess.

– Archer Queen: Cloaking Cape Duration increased to 3.5 seconds, enhancing her viability in the Arena.


– Little Prince: Guardian Hitpoints reduced by 11%, and damage reduced by 9% to reduce their impact.

– Archer Evolution: Range reduced by 8%, Power Shot Range reduced by 10%.

– Goblins: Deploy Time increased by 0.2 seconds (+20%), and they inflict less damage if targeted immediately.

– Rage: Duration reduced to 5.5 seconds (-8%), diminishing its impact in various card combinations.

– Royal Recruits Evolution: Charge Damage reduced by 8%, balancing their effectiveness.

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