3-card lottery scheme – Choose to play the perfect numbers at New88

The 3-card lottery is a fairly simple way to bet and is loved by many people when playing at New88. Most of you who are passionate about lottery prediction sessions will understand how to exploit this number. If you are a rookie in this field, don’t fear. We are here to help players discover interesting things about it.
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Overview of the 3-card scheme

This form of number prediction is not too strange for the Northern, Central, and Southern lotteries. Among them, topic 3 is the most popular. 

The player’s win or loss result will be based on the last 3 numbers in the lottery results at the end of that day. Normally, the special prize will be the position that receives the most attention because the payout coefficient is higher than the remaining prizes. However, it is the only jackpot so the chance of winning is also lower.

With the development of the online gaming industry, members of the lottery community can participate in their favorite entertainment with the compact phone in their hands. Compared to traditional betting, playing on digital platforms helps you gain much greater benefits. We will describe them in detail in the next content of this article.

Advantages of playing 3-card lottery at the website New88

New88 is the leading online betting brand in Southeast Asia. It is one of the ideal playgrounds to organize live lottery sessions for brothers. When playing 3-card lottery online at this location, you will certainly receive many great benefits.

Extremely high reward ratio

With the traditional version, those who bet on the 3-card lottery will only receive a reward at the rate of 1:400. For online lottery game hall at New88, you will receive a profit of up to 1:900. However, it may change depending on the member’s initial bet level and the program promotion New88 Extremely terrible from the house. But in general, this payout coefficient is much more attractive.

No restrictions on play space

The bookmaker organizes a series of drawing sessions every day. Therefore, you can play anytime you want without having to worry about running out of betting time or missing the last drawing of the day. In addition, instead of scoring points at distant lottery branches, you just need to access the link leading to the system. New88 is ready to play the 3-card lottery.

Learn from experience from masters New88

When betting entertainment at New88, you will have the opportunity to join the bookmaker’s betting community. Here, members will learn many interesting things such as how to raise a 3-card set in the North, quality 3-card sets to play all year round, etc. We are confident that we are a civilized, polite and rich organization. passion. What are you waiting for? Quickly register as an official member here New88 to become an integral part of this community.
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More effective ways to create topic 3 outlines

We understand the psychology of many bettors who are still quite confused about how to raise numbers as well as how to bet effectively with this form. Therefore, leading experts in the bookmaker lottery world have compiled some more useful methods for creating 3-way lottery numbers as follows:

  • Players can proceed to raise a set of 3 claws for weekly farming. Specifically, you will combine the XSKT results in the statistical table of days in a week into potential number clusters and bet. 
  • Member New88 You should research the types of white player lottery numbers and combine them with the week’s farming numbers. Getting the 3-card lottery is the best way to score points suggested by many people.
  • Member New88 Please pay attention to some special days of the week such as Monday and 2 weekends. The dumb or double numbers of the above two days can very well create a goal for you.
  • In addition to the above methods, bettors can also follow the dream lottery section New88 to interpret the messages the universe sends to us. Although this method mainly relies on luck, it is very effective in some cases.
  • Experts encourage players to catch a set of 3 claws using the farming method that combines the 7th prize and the special prize. You should follow the above two tournament rankings that have been published recently to find out the rules of appearance of lottery numbers. 


Hope the knowledge and news Opening a lot around the 3-card lottery above will help new lottery players on their journey to conquer the lottery. Wishing house members New88 Meet a lot of success and advantages!

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