Instructions for playing The Ladder game at New88 bet

The Ladder is one of the betting games that is still quite new in the Vietnamese player community. However, those who have experienced this special game once will not be able to ignore this extremely interesting and attractive game. So what type of game is The Ladder? How to play The Ladder at bookmaker New88. Let’s find out details through the following article!
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What game is The Ladder?

The Ladder is a form of prediction betting similar to gaming Realize, a famous lottery game in Korea. The game’s gameplay is extremely simple, easy to understand and quite popular in the Vietnamese market. The main interface of the game is shaped similar to a ladder has 3 or 4 rungs, so it is called The Ladder.

The principle of playing The Ladder game is also very easy to grasp, the game includes 2 starting points at the top 2 corners of the ladder denoted as L (Left) and R (Right) along with 2 ending points located at the 2 legs of the ladder are denoted as O and AND. The player’s task is to bet on where the starting point and the ending point of the bet will be. Based on the payout ratio set by the house, at the end of the game, the player who predicts correctly will receive the corresponding bonus.

Bookmaker New88 is currently one of the online bookmakers that many players choose when participating in The Ladder. Not only because it offers extremely attractive payout rates, but also thanks to its long-standing reputation in the betting market, New88 helps players feel more secure when participating in entertainment and betting.

Rules for playing the ladder game at New88 bet

New88 has many lottery games for you to choose from such as Thai Lottery, QQ Keno and games The ladder. The Ladder game screen will be divided into many small areas, each area will take on a display content to serve the betting needs of players.

Betting interface

This area will contain 2 starting points and 2 finishing points, along with a timer screen. Each bet takes place within a fixed period of time, depending on the market the player chooses. The bet countdown timer will obscure the number of steps in this bet. Types of markets that can participate in New88’s The Ladder game include:

  • Snow: Betting time for 1 draw is 20 seconds.
  • Fire: Betting time for 1 draw is 20 seconds.
  • Land: Betting time for 1 draw is 30 seconds.
  • Water: Betting time for 1 draw is 30 seconds.
  • Wind: Betting time for 1 draw is 45 seconds.
  • Often: Betting time for 1 draw is 60 seconds.

Players need to predict and make betting decisions about where the game starts, how many steps it goes through, and at what point it ends. At the end of the countdown, the system will lock bets, announce results and pay rewards to winning bettors.

In this area, players will see a breakdown of the percentage of bets. Divided into two sides, green and red, in which blue includes points L and O, red includes points R and E. Players can refer to this ratio to make betting decisions for the ongoing lottery.

Area summarizing lottery results

Located right next to the main interface area is the area summarizing the results of the most recent draws. Here, players can track the number of times each betting door appears and whether the odds and frequency of that door appear are high or low. Through analyzing and evaluating this result table, players will have more suggestions to decide which door to bet on for the next bets.
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Betting area

Located at the bottom of the game screen, the bets that players can participate in will be displayed. In The Ladder, players can bet on 4 bets with the corresponding payout rates as follows:

  • Start door/ Get started: Journey starting point L or R with payout ratio 1.95.
  • Door Legs/Number of stairs: Players can choose a ladder containing 3 or 4 steps, the number of steps will be displayed after locking the bet, payout rate is 1.95.
  • Goal Door/ End: Journey ending point O or E with payout ratio 1.95.
  • Goal x Legs door: End point and number of steps moved: Can choose to bet ending at O3/ E3/ O4/ E4 with payout ratio 3.88.

Below the betting selection area will display betting chips with different values. The player selects the betting chip corresponding to the bet amount he wants to place with the bet, click Confirm to complete the bet. Each time you click on a bet, the default is to bet 1 time on the selected betting chip value for that bet. In case you change your decision to choose another bet or increase/decrease the bet value, you can click Delete or Re-bet.

In addition to these 3 main areas, at the top of the game screen there will be a toolbar, where players can view Game Rules, Bet History, Report Problems, Adjust Sound and Total Bet Capital. your existing.

How to access The Ladder game at New88

Before starting to explore this extremely unique The Ladder game, you need to become a member of the bookmaker New88. Registering a member account here is extremely simple, it only takes less than 30 seconds to complete the registration.

  • Click on Register in red in the right corner of the main screen.
  • Fill in the following information: Username, Password, Confirm password, Agent ID (not required) then click Register to confirm the information and complete the account creation process.
  • Once your account is registered, you will be able to start depositing money and placing bets at New88’s game halls.

After logging in to your account and depositing an initial bet, click on 3D Games on the game menu. Choose a supplier Game Play then select The Ladder.

Bookmaker New88 gives you 2 choices when playing The Ladder:

  • Try it out: You will not lose your bet, the house gives you a virtual capital for you to experience and get familiar with the game. All processes of a The Ladder draw at the virtual betting hall will be exactly the same as when betting real money. This will help inexperienced players better grasp the developments and rules of the game without spending any money. This is also the perfect choice for those who just want to play for fun, not interested in earning bonuses.
  • Play for real: If you already know how to play and are confident in your ability to win and earn a decent amount of income, then click on the real lobby right away. Note that before betting, you must make sure your wallet still has balance to bet.

Before starting the main interface of the game, players will have to choose the bet limit per game. Depending on personal financial ability, choose the most suitable betting limit. There are 3 options to choose from:

  • Minimum 1 Maximum score 500 point.
  • Minimum 50 Maximum score 5.000 point.
  • Minimum 100 Maximum score 10.000 point.

After the system switches to The Ladder game interface, players need to choose a suitable playing environment, check their bet capital, analyze the lottery history table before placing bets on the new lottery draw.

Note for new players when playing The Ladder at New88

Learn and analyze lottery history

The system displaying the history of previous draws will help players have a valuable source of data to analyze the situation and developments of each bet. Through this information, players can make more accurate predictions for the next draw, increasing their winning rate.

Divide your betting capital appropriately

Absolutely do not bet with too large an amount for the same bet. Based on the total amount of betting capital you have, you should divide this capital into many parts to use for many different plays. This helps you maintain uninterrupted gameplay, control your capital well, and avoid running out of capital unexpectedly.

Let’s start with simple bets

If you are a new player, you should play with 1 bet per draw. You can choose to bet Start or Legs or Goal for 1 bet. The odds of winning when betting on these doors will be 50-50. You should not place many bets at the same time without much experience playing. It will increase the risk of losing bets and losing capital quickly.

Always be alert every time you make a betting choice

Not only do you have to be alert and calm when choosing the most reasonable bet, you also have to pay attention to double-checking each bet before pressing confirm bet. Especially when playing The Ladder in markets with short betting times of 20-30 seconds. Be very sure with each choice you make, don’t lose your betting capital because of an unnecessary mistake or negligence.

Know when to stop at the right time

The extremely important thing that determines the win or loss of each player is knowing how to control and stop the game at the right time. Set yourself a reasonable betting limit, and as soon as you reach the limit, leave the bet – regardless of whether you are on the way to winning or losing. This not only helps you maintain capital, but also minimizes the situation of overspending and getting too deep into the game, affecting your personal life and financial ability.


With the detailed information shared in the article, surely anyone will confidently try their hand at this new game. The Ladder This. Wish you good luck and bring home lots of bonuses with bookmaker New88.

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