The first puff has your heart starts racing and you
immediately feel your eyes glaze over in pink, soon to
be a very bright red. You taste kerosene at first, then
chocolate and bubblegum on the exhale. The after-taste
is that of exotic berries, of many types from around the
world. One more small puff and you’ll be cruising for 5
hours. A total of 4 puffs and you’ll be Euphoric for 8-10

The backbone of the Dutch coffee-shop industry(On the
top of all Dutch coffee shop menu’s, mostly the most
expensive!), the first of the ‘white’ strains and an all-
round commercial success story, White Widow is one of
the most famous names in modern growing.
This strain is the strongest weed in the world.
The buds have so much THC on them that it is hard to
see the bud at all

A strain of legend, Silver Haze has gone on to win many
awards in recent years as some of the best tasting
smoke the world has ever seen. Silver Haze is the first
vintage masterpiece of cannabis breeding – a
harmonious blend of complementary equatorial
genotypes that’s widely regarded as the purest and
most powerful Sativa ever created. Smokers adore the
soaring high, and growers find her slow flowering, low
yields and unstoppable height-gain impractical for
indoor production

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Big Bud, winner of multiple awards including the world-
famous Cannabis Cup, is one of the best marijuana
strains ever made. Dense yields, the taste is soothing,
the buds dank, the bouquet nothing short of a
tantalizing euphoria. The high is both uplifting and
soaring, with a zero burnout factor and a deep purple
grape taste that lingers forever.see more 90s tamil songs

Northern Lights is compact, fast growing and very
dense, capable of producing several generous, trouble-
free crops per year from seed or clone. Her frosted
buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an
earthy Afghani undertone and a hint of juniper – highly
enticing when dried and smoked, yet remarkably
understated when growing and flowering. Low odour
and easy cultivation combined with big yields and
exceptional resin production make Northern Lights the
first choice in Indica – for both connoisseur quality and
commercial quantity.see more movies here tamilmv

Last word

With its big broad leaves and large crystal covered
buds, Northern lights marijuana seeds are good for
dedicated enthusiastic indoor growers as it tends to
bloom to be short and densely packed full of sticky
potent buds in a short timeframe. This fantastic plant is
currently one of the most smoked and grown in Holland.
You owe it to yourself to check out one of the finest
buzzes available.Plz visit here for information about filmymeet

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