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Indoor Harvest Time: 8 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time:
Breeder’s Description: Berlin is a bushy, high-yielding, mostly Afghani-Indica
plant that produces large buds and a powerful high. Great indoor or outdoor,
Berlin grows well in a variety of conditions and is easy to maintain.

Big Mac
Lineage: Mikado X BC Big Bud
Indoor Harvest Time: 7 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time: Oct. 7th
Breeder’s Description: Indica dominant. The fourth generation male Mikadowith all the typical traits was chosen for this cross. Male flowers started to show
under 18 hours. The BC Big Bud variety originated from Sensi Seed Bank, it has
Sativa leaf structure and has been acclimated to the Vancouver area for many
years. Classic Big Bud size and flavor.

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Celestial Temple Sativa
Indoor Harvest Time: 10 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time:
Breeder’s Description: he Celestial Temple Sativa (CTS) is from the area
between the coast and the Andes mountains in Ecuador, an area where you find
the huge banana plantations and other agricultural productions.Please visit here for information about flashscore mobile

Cotton Candy
Lineage: Afghani and Haze
Indoor Harvest Time: 8 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time:
Breeder’s Description: An old Vancouver Island strain that originates from
Afghani and Haze seed lines, recognized by the medical community for its pain
relief without the drowsiness. Wonderful fragrance with an earthy flavor and long
lasting high.

Crown Royal
Lineage: Mikado X Hawaiian
Indoor Harvest Time: 8-10 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time:
Breeder’s Description: Indica sativa hybrid. Crown Royal tastes and smokes
like a
Sativa but looks and grows like an Indica. The color and calyx size is like the
Mikado, but stretches like the Hawaiian. The tops come to a flat crown covered
with THC. Combining the 12 wk. Hawaiian Sativa with the 6 wk Mikado produces
one of the most unique and distinctive strains available.

Hawaiian Sativa
Type: 100% Sativa
Lineage: Hawaiian
Indoor Harvest Time: 10-12 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time: Nov.1st onwards
Breeder’s Description: The Hawaiian is a pure sativa originating from the Big
Island near the Mauna Kea volcano area. It’s been bred and stabilized for more
than 15 years on Vancouver Island. White with crystal, it has a very distinctive
citrus odor and menthol flavor.

Hawaiian Sativa X Big Bud
Lineage: Hawaiian Sativa X BC Big Bud
Indoor Harvest Time: 9 Weeks
Outdoor Harvest Time:
Breeder’s Description: B.C. Big Bud is known for its size and potency,
Hawaiian Sativa for its energetic and up high with increased alertness.read new rthing here 7Movierulz

Last word

Combining the two makes for a strain with soaring highs that produces well.
Medical patients find this strain cushions the pain as well as the mind.More Info About worldfree4u

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