Proper Curing and Storage of Your Harvest

Preparing Plants for Curing

There are a few different thoughts on how to properly hang cannabis for curing. Some growers prefer to hang the entire plant. This requires a fair amount of height in your drying shed, as well as more space in between plants. Since the first-time grower is unlikely to possess an empty barn, you’ll probably cut your first crop into branches and dry them in sections. Some growers even take each individual cola and hang them to dry, but, due to space requirements, this is only advisable with small harvests.

Preparing Your Drying Space

To prepare your drying shed, first make certain the cobwebs and other dust and debris have been vacuumed out with a Shop-Vac or vigorous work with a broom. Wash the flooring and make the shed as clean as possible. You may occasionally drop a branch or even an entire plant, and avoiding contamination and dirt are the name of the game.

You will be placing your eyebolts to support long runs of the taut hanging wires. Do not try to use heavy-duty fishing line or rope; these will bow in the middle of your run and cause the hanging plants to slide together. Until the plants shed their water weight, the hanging lines will be supporting an enormous weight. Always hang plants or branches top down. Never hang with the roots still attached; retaining the roots will not help the quality of the harvest and may add dirt to your flowers.Watch online movies here Moviezwap

Airflow Requirements

As soon as your first plant comes into the drying shed, begin using the oscillating fans. The fans should be placed to maximize airflow around the hanging plants while avoiding a direct blast continually blowing on them. Avoid having the fans positioned too low, as they may blow up dust from the shed floor. As the wet plants come in, set the fans on high; as the plants dry out more, lower the fan settings to maintain a gentle continual cycling of air.All car information details Hyundai Motor Company

Drying Fan Leaves

Many growers do not bother with fan leaves; in part this depends on the size of the harvest. If your harvest is small, you will want to use every part of the plants. The fan leaves can be useful for producing bubble hash. Bear in mind that law enforcement views large fan leaves as cannabis and will count them for weight should they try to enforce a legal limit or prosecute you for growing cannabis. So stay tidy, keep track, and either process to hash, destroy, or donate the leaves to someone who can use them immediately.

The Importance of Proper Handling Practices

Always bear in mind that you are producing a product that will be ingested by humans, either by smoking or eating the cannabis. Particularly for medical cannabis patients (whose health is often greatly impaired), cannabis should never be allowed to mold. Even with the best practices, hanging cannabis is very, very vulnerable to molds and great care must be taken to identify and remove problem spots immediately. Plz visit here for information about Eureka

When and How to Take Clippings

There are many variables to consider when determining how long to hang your harvest: weather, moisture levels, plant size and type. Expect a minimum of two weeks hanging, with a good possibility that you will wait six to eight. The easiest way to tell if your cannabis is ready to clip is to check smaller branches for “snap.” A branch that is gently bent between two hands should break, not bend. It does not have to snap in half (this would be too dry), but there should be a definite break. Again, as with harvest, the plants will be ready to clip at different times, so each plant must be checked individually for finish.more info here Y2Mate Video Download

Last word

The biggest problem outdoor growers hope to experience is suddenly realizing that they have far more green plant material to hang up than they had planned for. This can be dealt with, as the plants are going to lose a lot of water weight and bulk very quickly. Sometimes a spare room has to be put into use for a day or two, but do not panic; you will be able to move the hanging plants quite a bit closer to each other very soon. A shower rail can make an excellent temporary hanging spot for a large plant, or even the top rails of a canopy bed. You can use these temporary spots while you continue to clip off fan leaves, which will also quickly make the plants less bulky.

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