Learn Everything About the Extreme Dragon King Fish Shooting Game 2023

Let’s find out dragon king fish shooting game and the great features of this game through the article below JUN 88. This online fish shooting game with rewards is always loved by many people today. Because it brings excitement and sublime entertainment moments when destroying a large sea monster.

What is the dragon king fish shooting game?

Dragon king fish shooting game is a game published by Yuegame Corporation (China). Although only launched in 2019, the product has created a buzz in the online gambling market. In Vietnam, the game has been improved and Vietnameseized to better suit the gaming community.

The game has simple gameplay, magical graphics, quick operations, destroys sea monsters in a few seconds, so it’s easy to win. The game is equipped with special weapons, creating excitement and fun during the experience. Therefore, it attracts a large number of members to participate.

Not only is it an entertaining game, the game also helps you earn large amounts of money from accumulating points and winning games. If you are wondering about finding a simple, attractive entertainment game that does not require too much analysis or calculation, fish shooting is a game worth challenging.

Redemption rate in the dragon king fish shooting game

The next factor gamers need to pay attention to when playing fish shooting games is the reward rate. Understanding the reward exchange rate will let you know which sea monsters will take the largest number of coins. From there, you will have the right strategy to entertain and make huge money. The number of coins gamers receive will depend on the types of fish as follows:

  • The smallest fish: When destroying the smallest fish, the player will receive a reward rate of 2X to 10X.
  • Average regular fish: This type of fish will have a reward rate of 30X to 60X
  • Big fish: If the bettor hits big fish, you will receive a 100X bonus rate.
  • Mermaid: Gamer shoots the mermaid inside dragon king fish shooting game will receive 150X bonus rate.
  • Dragon Balls: If you encounter and shoot down Dragon Balls, gamers will have a reward rate of 100-175X.
  • Special gold box: This is an object with a large coin value with a normal rate of 100-200X.
  • Special black dragon: Gamers who shoot down the black dragon will have a reward rate of 100-300X
  • Lucky golden crab: If you hunt a golden crab, your reward rate will be from 20-450X.
  • Dragon king great boss: This is the largest sea monster with the highest level that shoots dragon king fish, reward rate from 100X-500X.

The secret to winning cypress long king fish

Title dragon king fish shooting game It seems easy but it’s quite difficult to win if you don’t know the tricks of the game. Small experiences from  Jun88 experts will open up a new “horizon” compared to when bettors only play regular fish shooting. “Pick up” the fish shooting secrets below to hunt for huge rewards.

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Choose a suitable play room

The game is divided into many rooms and gamers need to choose the main room to participate. Choosing a room that suits your abilities will limit risks during play, the game will be moderate, and you won’t lose much.

Inexperienced gamers should try the newbie room first. After accumulating enough experience during real combat, players can upgrade their difficulty level by choosing more difficult rooms.

The Dragon King is the room with the highest level. When players have trained their skills during the experience, they can choose to experience this room to hunt sea monsters and have a more interesting experience.

Aim accurately at the target

When participating dragon king fish shooting game Or h5 fish shooting game, if you only focus on aiming and shooting without paying attention to accuracy, you will waste time, weapons and bullets during the game. To increase your chances of winning, stay calm and aim accurately. Every time you miss a shot, you lose a significant amount of money. Therefore, shooting accurately and not deviating from the target is an important factor when playing this game.

Gamers can observe and search for slower moving targets to destroy first. These targets will be easier to hit. After defeating the slow moving targets, the player proceeds to shoot the remaining targets and end the game.

Choose large creatures when possessing a huge ammo inventory

If the player has a large amount of bullets in hand, they can choose to play to destroy large targets first. These are targets that bring in a much larger number of bonus coins than small creatures. Concentrating bullets on large creatures when the player is in possession of ammunition will help the player quickly destroy these targets.

Destroy large creatures with powerful guns


Information about dragon king fish shooting game with many great features that have been revealed to bettors through the above article. Please master the playing secrets to have great experiences in the game. Download the app now or visit the  Jun88 bookmaker to enjoy the fun and great rewards that this game brings..

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