Instructions on How to Read Soccer Betting Odds from Reputable Bookmaker New88

Reading soccer odds is not difficult, but for those who are betting for the first time, they must still encounter a lot of confusion. The following article from Reputable Bookmaker will show you how to read and understand some of the most popular soccer betting indicators. Please follow and review the information carefully New88 provided below, before you intend to experience it.
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Introducing information you need to know about soccer betting odds

Soccer betting odds is a phrase that refers to the odds that the bookmaker offers for each result in any match. To put it more simply, this index will indicate the amount of money the player will receive if he or she is lucky enough to win. Understanding how to read soccer odds is considered very important for the following reasons:

  • Helps optimize profits when players can choose the most potential door.
  • Helps players calculate the specific amount of profit they will take home based on the initial capital spent.
  • If players understand how to read soccer odds, it will also be helpful to determine risks when playing. Normally, the higher the index given by the house, the greater the risk, of course the profit earned is not small.

Players consulting how to read soccer odds at reputable bookmakers will bring many benefits. Data at reputable news sites are always carefully analyzed by a team of experts before publication. Therefore, these indicators often have high accuracy, closely reflecting the situation of the match.

The most popular way to read soccer betting odds today

The way to read soccer betting odds today is extremely diverse in genres. Here are some popular genres that players can learn about:

Decimal Odds

This is the most popular form of soccer odds in Asia and Europe, even for beginners it is easy to understand. Specifically, Decimal Odds will show the amount of money the player receives when spending one unit of money. For example, if Decimal Odds is 3.00, that means the member will receive 3 units of money if they are lucky enough to win.

Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is most commonly applied in Asia with common symbols such as: -0.5, +0.75,… These “-” and “+” signs are understood to mean that the dealer is subtracting/adding numbers. A specific goal for a team is intended to create balance. How to read Asian Handicap soccer odds is as follows:

  • If betting with a negative number: If the team the player chooses wins, he or she will receive the corresponding bonus amount according to the given rate.
  • If betting with a positive number: If the selected team wins, the player will receive the money back, along with a bonus based on the ratio.

Fractional Odds

How to read soccer odds This is commonly applied mainly in Ireland and England. Fractional Odds will be expressed as fractions, typically 2/1, 3/2, etc. These fractions represent the winning amount and capital that the player must spend. For example, Fractional Odds is 2/1, which means the player spends 1 unit of money and if he wins, he receives 2 units of money.
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Moneyline Odds

This is a very popular soccer index in the US and Canada, and has recently become increasingly popular in Asia. This rate will use positive or negative numbers to represent the profit the player earns. Specifically, a positive number will indicate profit from 100 units of money. Meanwhile, a negative number will indicate the amount of money the player needs to spend to earn 100 betting units.

How to calculate profit for each specific odds

To help players understand how to read detailed soccer odds, we will analyze more thoroughly as follows:

Calculation method for Decimal Odds

How to calculate profit for Decimal Odds is as follows: Profit = (Amount received x Ratio) – Capital amount. 

An illustrative example is as follows: The match between Vietnam and Thailand was given a handicap coefficient of 0.5 by the bookmaker in favor of Thailand. The Decimal Odds index is 0.80 and 1.08 respectively. In case you choose Thailand with the amount of 100,000 VND, the result will be calculated as follows:

  • Thailand wins: Player receives a bonus of 100,000 x 1.08 = 108,000 VND.
  • Thailand loses or two teams draw: The player loses all initial bet capital.

Instructions for calculating Asian Handicap profits

The way to calculate the profit of the Asian Handicap form is simple, that is, the money received = Bet amount x (Odds – number of handicaps).

An illustrative example is as follows: In the match between Vietnam and Korea, the player bets on Vietnam at a rate of -1, with a payout of 100,000 VND. The final result was 2 – 1 in favor of the Vietnamese team. So the profit earned = 100,000 x (Odds – 1).

Fractional Odds calculation formula

How to read Fractional Odds football odds is simple and the formula for calculating money is not difficult. Specifically, the player only needs to multiply the bet amount by the numerical element of the fraction and that’s it.

Illustrative example: If a player bets on the match between Korea and Japan with odds of 3/1 and an amount of 100,000 VND. So the profit we can earn will be equal to 100,000 x 3 = 300,000 VND (Including initial money spent).

American Odds formula

The way to calculate the profit of American Odds is simple as follows: Winning amount = Amount spent x (Odds/100)

For example: When you bet on Indonesia and Malaysia, and bet 100,000 VND on Indonesia with an Odds index of +200, then if you win, you will receive 100,000 x (200:100) = 200,000 VND. And if the Odds index is – 135, then if you win, your profit will be = 100,000 x (135:100) = 135,000 VND.

Benefits received when reading odds from reputable bookmakers

Players understanding how to read soccer odds at reputable bookmakers will bring many practical benefits. As follows:

  • Reputable bookmakers always provide highly accurate data, ensuring fairness.
  • Choosing to refer to data from a reputable bookmaker will minimize fraud and scams in betting.
  • Reputable bookmakers always have a strong customer service team, ready to advise and support players 24/7.

Experience in choosing a reputable bookmaker to read soccer betting index

To choose a reputable bookmaker and learn how to read soccer odds, players can save a few small experiences as follows:

  • Always thoroughly research information about the house through many information channels. The data that needs to be researched includes: Operating license, development process, services being provided,…
  • Listen to advice from experts or veteran players to choose a quality house.
  • Choose a reputable bookmaker through a few other signs such as: User reviews, security, incentive list, etc.


It can be said that understanding how to read soccer odds is extremely important to help players increase their chances of winning to the highest level. You should also take the time to learn and evaluate the house before deciding to place money. We hope everyone will soon choose a good bet, play lucky and win big prizes.

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