Barcelona’s 6 Best Cannabis Social Clubs

Cannabis social clubs abound throughout Spain, and Barcelona is no exception. Our walkthrough of 6 of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona highlights 6 of the best. Catalonia’s capital city became one of the world’s hottest smoking spots when the Barcelona Cannabis Taster’s Club opened in 2001.

It is only possible to access Cannabis Social Clubs through referrals from members. The social club provides cannabis products in exchange for donations, as cannabis is illegal in Spain. In order to avoid advertising outside their premises, cannabis associations do not advertise their menus.

Barcelona is home to dozens of cannabis social clubs, each offering top-quality flowers, edibles, and concentrates to the local canna-community.

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Here are the top 6 cannabis social clubs in Barcelona

1. Wizard Social Club

The Wizard Social Club is located within walking distance of the Universitat metro station in the famous L’Esquerra de l’Eixample district. With its sleek tiled flooring, groovy artwork and fashionable leather booths, this cannabis association offers a luxurious experience.

The Wizard’s staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and members are always welcome! More than 35 top-quality strains can be found in its one of the biggest sections in Barcelona. Some of the strains include Rainbow Sherbet and Tropicana Banana, as well as Strawberry Gelatti. More than 20 types of hashish, pre-rolls, infused gummies, honey, and tinctures are available!

Cannabis association with friendly staff offers a perfect getaway from the city’s bustle. You should check out the Wizard in Barcelona if you’re there!

2. WeFlowers Cannabis Social Club

The cannabis association WeFlowers is based in the L’Hospitalet de Llobregat neighborhood of Barcelona.

Known for its wide selection of premium genetics, Weflowers has won more than 55 cannabis cups. Zkittlez, Amnesia, and Gelato 33 are some of the locally grown flowers you can expect to find. They also have a great selection of edibles and concentrates – including delicious infused cookies!

The cannabis social club will be spacious, bright, and bright. Members have access to a variety of entertainment options through the establishment’s comfortable sofas and tables, which include:

  • Multiple consoles are available in an exclusive gaming area
  • Table football is a fun game to play
  • Electric E-nails are installed at two dab stations
  • Relax and chat with other members while pressing rosin or relaxing on the pressing machine
  • A DJ spins reggae throughout the week on various nights

The staff at WeFlowers are friendly and knowledgeable, which makes it the ideal place to socialize or relax after a long day. Any cannabis user’s nirvana if they’re a connoisseur. It’s a must to visit WeFlowers!

3. Cookies Coffeeshop

A renowned Girl Scout Cookies genetic has already made cookies one of the city’s newest social clubs.

Near the Parc de Les Aigües, in the center of the Gracia district. A visit to this social club will provide you with an excellent opportunity to explore the city after your stay. The Cookies social club has some of the hottest up and coming geneticists in the USA!

The Cookies staff is very knowledgeable about cannabis and provides excellent information on their catalogue. There are a number of top-notch strains on the menu, including:

  • Sour Mango
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • The Grape Apple and the Headbanger are both powerful sativas!

Cannabis extracts and edibles are also available in a wide variety of high-quality products.

In addition to hoodies, shirts, and cannabis paraphernalia, Cookies also has its own merchandise outlet. Cannabis connoisseurs looking for new genetics should definitely stop by.

4. Smoke Signals Cannabis Social Club

Barcelona’s El Born district is home to Smoke Signals, a relatively new restaurant in the city.

Besides offering a permanent menu, they also highlight new and upcoming strains to provide members with the best cannabis and hashish.

There are few clubs as chill as Smoke Signals in Barcelona. There is a lot of light and space in this room. On the LCD screen, members can relax and watch movies while they catch up on emails or spread out, relax, and catch up on emails.

When you visit Smoke Signals after the outdoor harvest season, you can also enjoy delicious edibles in addition to the standard fare of bud, hash, and concentrates.

5. The Green Boutique

The Green Boutique is an elegant social club located in the Barrio de Sant Antoni neighborhood. A modern, low-key lighting scheme enhances the spacious atmosphere of the room.

The wide variety of seating options ensures that members feel comfortable. It is possible to socialize with other members in large booths or to grab a table for yourself in one of the booths. Cannabis strains and extracts are available to members, along with live resin and rosin.

Members can always ask questions to our professional and knowledgeable staff.

There are also cold refreshments and snacks available, so staying hydrated shouldn’t be a problem.

6. The Dragon Weed Club

An elegant Gothic district of the city houses the Dragon Weed Club. There are beautiful streets, impressive architecture, and quaint parks in Barcelona’s Gothic district, which makes it one of the city’s most exclusive districts.

The cannabis scene in Barcelona has been stable for almost a decade, and it is easy to see why. With a great menu that includes Californian strains, edibles, and extracts, this place has won many awards. Its award-winning buds and concentrates are appreciated by a select group of connoisseurs.

Club staff are well-versed in cannabis products, and the club is compact. A stylish vertical lighting system, paneled walls, cushioned seating, and an exclusive gaming area elevate the intimacy of the club.

Visiting the Dragon is a must because of its outstanding customer service and impressive menu!

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